Photos Of Homeless Cats In A Secure Center

I try to find a rescue station for cats in Spain every summer. The rescue facility is named Estepona Katzen. It’s not even a center. It is 1 individual- Cleo- that has a home and a cat home from the backyard where she takes good care of abandoned cats. She’s the only individual in this place that helps cats. In Spain certainly are lots of cats without a house even breed cats. There are killing channels too! It is similar to a shelter, but they’re permitted to kill the pets following two weeks.

Love of animals isn’t normal since it’s at the north of Europe. Just a couple of weeks ago we’ve found a kitten from the rubbish – Luckily, it’s alive. Not the first time. We’ve found puppies and there – they died. Cleo is actually the angel of the cats there, She attempts to find a great house for the cats at Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. We’ve rehomed more than 500 cats yet and a few dogs too. Help us to proceed with it. Rehomed more than 500 cats yet and some dogs house or a host.

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