Future Energy: China Leads World In Solar Energy Production

Ten years ago, Geof Moser had just graduated with a master’s degree in solar energy from Arizona State University – but he didn’t feel much opportunity lay at his feet in his home country. So he went to China. The solar sector was rather small and there were not a lot of occupations, he remembers. Only a few for installation. However So he went to China aspirations The Chinese government had big. He spent some years collecting knowledge concerning the Chinese solar sector, before co ground To Expand Solar and Moser saw his opportunity.

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Geof Moser took his solar energy expertise to China because of the opportunities in the industry

China installed more than 34 gigawatts of solar capacity in 2016

China’s mega projects have become possible thanks to the rapidly falling cost of solar cells

Despite China’s impressive progress, only 1% of its power comes from solar energy

China has recently cut the value of the subsidies it gives to solar power producers

China has the world’s largest floating solar power plant

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