Chemicals In The Food System

Current system of developed agriculture would depend on the input of the huge variety of chemicals that are toxic, from creation through distribution and packaging, making risks to both ecological and human health. Agricultural pesticides, materials with chemicals like Bisphenol-A Persistent Bioaccumulative Toxicants, and or PBTs like Methyl-Mercury are just some of the numerous chemicals of concern. An estimated 700 million pounds of pesticides are employed in the US, which will be harming our health insurance and undermining the strength of the environments that support us each year in agriculture. The reliance on genetically-modified crops has improved pesticide use considerably.

The health-care sector treats the down-stream wellness load of pesticide use. A developing body of evidence hyperlinks particular courses of pesticides to Parkinson’s Dis-Ease, neurodevelopmental problems, reproductive problems, asthma, birth defects, severe poisonings, and cancers. Emerging evidence on endocrine disruption factors to the power of some pesticides to impair our hormonal systems-which govern improvement and our body’s metabolic rate. The Healthful Meals in Health Care system educates health-care experts on the health impact of toxicity chemicals inside our food systems and leverages the buying power of hospitals to aid farmers who use none or less artificial pesticides, and also to make buying options that decrease Use and exposure to others toxicity chemicals in the foods techniques. We work in cooperation with strategic national partners on training and engagement of the health-care sector, including: Pesticide Action Network, UCSF Medical Center Program on Reproductive Health as well as the Atmosphere, and Health Care Without Harm’s Safer Chemicals Program.

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