9 Sculptural Masterpieces

Contemporary sculpture has moved away from the rules and practices of classical sculpture. It’s become more diverse, complex, and daring. We at Gowonders collect a listing of the most fantastic pieces of contemporary sculpture which will completely amaze you.

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“Ecstacy,” USA

This massive iron sculpture was created by Karen Cusolito. The sculptor considers that by showing the human silhouette, one can correctly express the emotions, goals, and issues of contemporary society.

“The Remains of a Memory”

The digital artwork of Adam Martinakis is differentiated by technical perfection and deep philosophical thought. The works of the visual artist once more demonstrate that art may take any form.

“Not Enough Brains to Survive,” France

Lerooy’s most renowned work is the monumental bronze figure ironically titled Not Enough Brains to Survive .

“Support,” Italy

By installing this giant statue at Venice, Lorenzo Quinn hopes to attract People’s Attention to the threat of Climate Change.

“The Owl Uhlu,” Karoo

This is among the most impressive sculptures of the African American Person of this season.

“Earth Angel”

Chad Knight sets his 3D sculptures in incredibly realistic landscapes,
blurring the fine line between the digital world and real life.

“The Kelpies,” Scotland

The Kelpies are Scottish mythological animals possessing the endurance and strength of 10 horses.
They became the origin of inspiration to get figurative sculptor Andy Scott.

“Coral,” Australia

This gorgeous And touching the sculpture by Alessandra Rossi is camouflaged against
the landscape thanks to the 3 main colours Which symbolize the earth, the sea, and the sky.

“The Pedestal”

Alexandra Reeves produced this remarkable Digital sculpture, when she was just 19.
Here is the video of the plan process.


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